What's the Woolly Bear?

Charlie and Barb have been saving history, one carriage at a time for over 30 years.We can help you with carriage repair and restoration, as well as supply harness and harness parts.   We have several vehicles for sale as well.

In addition to the carriage trade, we now offer our "Antiques and Uniques" line of re-purposed furniture, Shabby Chic, and decorative highlights.

                                 Check out our Antiques and Uniques page for more information.

Company Information

Address:  19500 US Highway 285, Nathrop, CO 81236
Phone: 719-395-9225 Fax: 719-395-9225 Email: Click on the Carriage here 
Business Credentials:
   Number of Years in Business:  40


           Members of:

The Colorado Draft Horse Association

The Stagecoach and Freight Wagon Association

The Colorado Horse Council

Carriage Association of America

Shipping/Handling Policy
Contact us for possible shipping arrangements.

Privacy Policy
At The Woolly Bear, we will never sell your name or contact information to anyone.