Horse Drawn Vehicle Restoration

"Preserving our carriage at a time..."

Saving and restoring carriages and wagons has been our specialty for over two decades.    From simple repairs to major restorations, our attention to detail and authenticity will please the driving enthusiast as well as the collector!    We have limited availability for restorations at this time, but we may be able to help you find a wainwright to help you out. Contact us for further information.  We often have a few vehicles for sale as well.

 Scroll down to see some of the projects we've completed. 

We have done several resorations for South Park City a restored frontier town in Fairplay, CO.

The before and after of this beautiful, old hearse in South Park City.












The Sheepherder's wagon is also a part of the South Park City exhibit.  it was a sad sight before it came to the Wagon Shop at Woolly Bear!


This pretty little Democrat wagon had suffered weather's now ready to roll down the road with a pretty black and white Shire mare pulling it!  













Below is another project from the South Park City display.  This old wagon was once a photographer's wagon and was used as a camp wagon in it's better days.  In the 'after' photo, notice the canvas roll-down curtains - all set for the hunting camp! Almost nothing is beyond hope!

 Sometimes, the project is just a cosmetic re-do; as the structure of the vehicle is farily sound, as was this pretty little sleigh. 







Sometimes though, a lot more imagination comes in to play.  The boneyard relics of the old axles and fifth-wheel appear to be beyond hope.  Charlie envisioned a little market wagon hiding there somewhere





The surrey below had an argument with a telephone pole....and lost. They said everyone was OK...except for the surrey!


 This explains our motto,

"Preserving our history, one

carriage at a time."



 Speaking of history, this is the old Circle Route stage that carried mail and passengers over the passes from Como, CO.








 You can see this coach today at South Park City in Fairplay, CO.